Real time 3D simulator

Thanks to the partnership with 3 Cad Evolution, both customer and reseller can finally have a real time view of the rendered compositions. The reseller calculates the quotation with his own price list, and sends the order to Ferrimobili with one click, and thus to the production system. The customer’s quotation is updated in context.

The 3 D Real Time Simulator used by Ferrimobili allows obtaining complete and correct production data, even in the case of any changes made on the composition of the furniture during planning stage.

Ferrimobili uses the innovative Flex-size method to create furniture.

Flex-size allows the top level of customization. Standard measures do not exists anymore.

Thanks to Flex-size and 3 Cad Evolution, the measurements of each piece of furniture are exactly the ones the customer request, and thus are different case by case.

Extraordinary oversize wardrobes fitting every wall height, width and depth offer incredible design possibilities.

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