Ferrimobili was founded in the 70’s thanks to the intuition of two brothers who were woodworkers.

Ever since its beginning the company has always featured its capability to create spaces fitted to the needs of children, in terms of space, comfort and every-day use.

A turning point arrives in 1997 with the gradual passage of the activity to the second generation of the Ferri family.

Ferrimobili has always focalized it attention on three elements that represent the guiding principles of every proposed solution: research, innovation and sensibility to the growing requirements of the market.

Nowadays our collection of children’s bedrooms is characterized by high-level product customization, a wide choice of independent accessories and an ever-growing search for innovative elements.

Besides the new 90 cm depth wardrobe, we are the only ones on the market who propose colored laminate in every element of the product.

All this, and much more, has been possible thanks to innovative production technology, combined with punctuality, precision and customer services that allow us to offer you quality products customized for your special need.

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